Just As I AM Program

Just as I Am: the Me Theory Program is an interactive, introspective program to help participants discover their individual aptitudes and talents. The program is presented using Edutainment (the arts, dramatizations, spoken word poetry and more) to encourage, a program booklet to engage, and other program material to inspire.  Our team includes a facilitator/trainer, actors & poets.  We bring the program to your group’s location at flexible scheduled times.  This can be during your organization’s office hours, and/or during special events.  


Our dramatization demonstrates the importance of choices, hope and change. Our program booklet walks participants through discovering their personal aptitudes. Our E-based follow-up, helps to provide participants with detailed  information and tools directly related to their personal goals identified in the program. The program is conveniently and completely self-contained. We come fully packaged with all audio/video equipment.

  • Self Esteem & Self Confidence: Building &  Maintaining
  • Character Traits and Positive Expectations
  • Attitude Aptitude
  • Relationships: Develop positive peer relationships
  • Financial literacy: The how & whys of how money is    earned, managed, and donated.
  • Time Management: Utilizing Time Effectively