The Story of Hope Road

The name of the organization articulates the theme of the organization.  To grasp the theme you must know the inception behind the name.  Lauryn Hill penned lyrics that stated it simply “I was hopeless now I’m on hope road.”  Those eight words combined embody a goal of Hope Road.  Hope Road’s Vision is to be an organization recognized for its ability to take “hopeless” teens and put them on the road to success.

In 2010, founder Nicole Pritchett, recognized a need that existed in at-risk youth in the Dayton, Ohio community.  She saw a trend in at-risk youth where they held viable talents and skills however they lacked the information, direction, and inspiration to see the value and future in their natural skills, abilities and talents.  After a year of research and planning, she designed the Just As I Am: The ME Theory workshop.  The aim of the workshop was to help youth develop their individual skills, talents and abilities by using the arts and nature, facilitated discussions and written materials. She designed tools to foster self-expression and introspection in these kids to assist them in making positive life choices. 

After executing the workshop at many organizations in the Dayton area, Hope Road became a 501c3 non-profit organization in February of 2012.  Hope Road began partnering with other youth advocacy organizations around the Miami Valley area. 

Since 2013 Hope Road has created the Grow2Live Youth Gardening Program, The Image of Hope Youth Advocacy Awards, and the Hope Road Youth & Community Theatre..