Hope Road Arts

Building Character One Stage At A Time

Hope Road Youth Arts is committed to developing character in youth through training and performance in the arts. We provide opportunities for education, performance, design and creative expression.


Hope Road Arts provides :


A Creative Space—For aspiring performers, young and old, to experiment, try something new,  try something they’ve always wanted to do.

Skill Development, Experience, and Community Involvement—through classes, workshops, events, productions,  internships, and partnering with other arts organizations.


A Stage—a literal and figurative platform to share our members’  visions and your voices, to become a part of the artistic community in our region.

Utilizing the arts and nature, Hope Road fosters self-expression and introspection through facilitated discussions, developing cooperative work and written materials that will assist youth in making positive life choices.  

Email: info@hoperoad.org

Phone:  (440) 742-4673

Registered Charity: 27-2977893

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