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Hope Road Arts

Hope Road Youth Arts is committed to developing character in youth through training and performance in the arts. We provide opportunities for education, performance, design and creative expression. 

Meet our artistic consultant, Krista Franklin.


This year our Art of Hope team presents Hope Road Radio


Hope Road Radio offers young people education and experience in the following areas. 

1.    Podcast Show and Equipment Setup  
2.    How to Use Multimedia and Broadcasting platforms  
3.    How to format Show Production & News  
4.    Communications and Public Speaking  


Hope Road Radio promotes critical thinking skills and communication skills that will assist them with having viable career pathways.  


How does it work? 
Each season a total of ten youth positions are filled. The five primary functions of a station and a partner for each position (a total of ten available slots).  The five primary positions are:  


  • On-Air Personality 

    • Dependable, personable, great communicator, computer savvy, works well with others, polite but direct, confident,  sometimes persistent, sense of humor 

  •  Sound engineer  

    • Interest in technology and sound production, reliable,  can be an introvert, get along well with others, the general level of problem-solving skills 

  • News Director  

    • Good researcher, communicator, good problem solving, creative, detail-oriented, good judgment, interpersonal skills, writing skills 

  • Production Manager 

    • adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, persuasion skills, leadership skills, great communicator 

  • Station Manager   

    • organization skills, leadership skills supportive excellent communication skills, dependable ​

12- Week Program 

Youth ages 14-17 

March 25th 2023 - May 27th 2023

Every Thursday and Saturday 

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