Grow2Live Youth Off to the Next Stage in his Life

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Meet Monjoul (right) and his younger brother Sean (left). We met Monjoul and Sean in 2013 in our very first youth gardening program. Monjoul was thirteen then and learned to garden with his brothers that year. Now in 2018, Monjoul graduated from high school and enlisted in the US Airforce! This year he served as a volunteer (no longer a young gardener). We are proud of Monjoul! We are honored to have had Monjoul in our programs. It is his story that keeps us engaged in the lives of youth.

The cooperation and partnerships between the families who love and want the best for their children and a community that cares is the key to successful youth.

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Utilizing the arts and nature, Hope Road fosters self-expression and introspection through facilitated discussions, developing cooperative work and written materials that will assist youth in making positive life choices.  


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