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The Image of Hope Awards celebrates the great achievements in youth advocacy by youth, non-profit organizations, socially conscious businesses, and individuals in Greater Miami Valley area. The willingness to help change just one life can impact an entire family, community and generation. The time, energy, care and compassion to accomplish the task of helping to change just one life is immeasurable (and most often unsung).  Knowing, understanding and appreciating the effort required to help today’s youth is the first step in recognizing individuals and businesses who give of themselves to the youth of our community.  

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Attach a statement of no more than three pages to your application. The statement should include relevant biographical information about the nominee and describe how the nominee meets the award criteria. 
•    Include any additional supporting material (up to three pages)  (i.e. newspaper clippings, magazine articles, etc.). 

Describe ways that the nominee supports and advocates for youth in the Greater Dayton Area.

How would awarding this nominee encourage the youth advocate community to continue in this much needed work? 


Consent (Full consent of nominees for all awards is required for consideration) 


Sample consent verbiage from nominee. 

I, (Nominee name)__________________________________________, hereby consent to be nominated for an Image of Hope Youth Advocacy Award and authorize the use of my name, brief bio and photograph in any publicity of the award.

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Send your nomination packets by June 30th, 2022  to 828 W. Fairview Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45406

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