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The Grow2Live Youth Gardening Program teaches children how to grow their own vegetables and gain a sense of confidence and independence.

The Grow2Live Program offers young people an opportunity to better understand their relationship with nature while creating an environment for learning and promoting cooperation through group activities.  Using master gardeners, nutritionist, and educators we measure the program’s success by having weigh-ins, assessments from learning activities, and rap sessions of how the children are passing their learned information on to their family members and friends.

PROGRAM COMPONENTS -  The components of the Grow2Live Program are gardening, education for healthy living and character building for the youth of our community.

BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM - Providing the personal experience of establishing a vegetable garden for sustainable living

  • Fulfilling our role in nutrition and health by providing healthy snacks and outdoor activities

  • Utilizing experienced professionals and speakers to offer character building life application lessons while using gardening principles

  • Offering a positive, constructive environment for the youth of our community

  • Partnering with other organizations dedicated to the betterment of youth good.

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Wednesdays: Remote Session w/Gardening delivery pack. 

Saturdays: 12pm – 1:30pm 

828 W. Fairview Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45406

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